Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I found an awesome technology tool known as Animoto. It allows the user to produce and create videos from photos, video clips, and music. It is able to analyze whatever you upload wether it is a picture, clip, or audio, and it creates something similar to a trailer that is associated with the information that you gave it. Something that it is very interesting about this site is that when you use this tool to make trailers or videos, no two videos are the same. It always creates a unique video depending on what you use to create that video. The videos can also be similar to slideshows which look very professional. The way I see it is its almost as if this online tool takes on the role of a movie producer or film editor. Once you have made a video that you like using the genre that you choose, you are able to upload it to your personal sites or even online public sites such as youtube. It is a highly advanced technology tool that is said to have artificial intelligence. If you give it the right information it then is able to think on its own to create a slide show or video that it considers similar to the music, or photos that you provide it. You can use any type of photos for use in this online tool. They can be from google images to your own personally scanned photographs. The same applies to music. It can be something you found online or audio that you yourself have uploaded into your computer. This allows Animoto to create a more personalized type of video for its user. Like stated before no two videos that it creates are the same, so while it may not be exactly what your looking for, there are pretty good chances that it will create something even better for you.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Almost everyone uses powerpoint to put together their presentations, wether that be for school or work purposes. I have been searching for an online tool that is different, but effective in allowing for presentations to be more creative than ever before. When I came across SlideRocket, I knew I had found that online technology tool that I had been searching for. SlideRocket is a new approach to presentations which engage your audience far more than any other tool of this kind has ever done before. It also allows you to import any other presentations that you may have on powerpoint or any other program that deals with online presentations. This way you don't have to deal with having to create them all over again and can use the existing files and even enhance them to create even better presentations. It is also far more convenient than any of the other programs because of the accessibility of this online tool. You can pretty much access it anywhere you are. This is due to the fact that this online technology tool can be accessed through the internet and you don't necessarily have to have the program in order to use. This program has many awesome tools that allow you to create professional presentations and get exactly the way you want them to be. These tools include but are not limited to background, themes, layouts, charts, shapes, tables, pictures, audio, video, etc., among many other useful tools. You can also collaborate and share with your classmates or coworkers with the SlideRocket's slide library. Sharing your presentations has never been easier because all you have to do is publish your url and share it as a website or blog. Also your presentations are more dynamic due to the compatibility that this program has with youtube, flickr, and even google. This allows you to mainstream information that is most current or effective, and you will get exactly what you want.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I found this very useful and creative online technology tool known as Scribblar. It is free to use and it is a very fun tool that you can use to do a variety of many different things. With this tool, you are able to use and create using your own whiteboard. This whiteboard is much like a "room" in the sense of you being able to make whatever it is you want, and how u want to make it. You can do so in many different ways using basic things such as text, lines, shapes, and even color! A really great part about this tool as well is that you are able to upload your own images and modify those as you wish. This allows you to personalize your whiteboard in any way you wish. You can set up your own backgrounds and if there is a picture in an album that you have that you wish to change, you can easily do so using this online tool. Commenting on these images is also something very useful that goes on with this tool as well. This allows others to put their opinions on the whiteboard and will give you access to feedback and you decide wether to improve on that feedback or not. An even better related feature would be a chat based system in which you can instantly and directly stay in contact with others using the whiteboard system. There is also a very advanced and innovative voice system as well in which you can actually speak to others that are using this online tool. You can create a free account with this online tool and this will make it much easier to invite others, wether this be your friends or others who would be interested in using this whiteboard online tool.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I came across this amazing technology tool while surfing the web for better ways to keep organized. Linoit allows you to take notes wherever you are and at any time you please. It takes the concept of sticky notes to a whole new level. You can access this tool from pretty much anywhere, wether that be your home, your workplace, or even your car! You are able to post one of these sticky online notes whenever you need to. You are also able to organize your stickers in many different ways and even change their colors so that you can categorize them in ways that are helpful to you. You can even create layouts of your pictures and movies as you like so you can share them with your friends or family. Another way to post these stickies is through e-mail. You can use these stickies to share files amongst your colleagues and friends. This technology tool is more for organization than anything. It allows you to become organized in a way that you never have to miss due dates or assignments. With this very helpful online tool, you will know where you need to be and accomplish all of your tasks right on time!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I found this awesome technology tool known as Flickr. There are many different types of things that you can do with Flickr that can help people learn in many different ways. It allows people to share photographs with others and you can also use it to find photographs to use in a lesson. There is also something known as Five Card Flickr which allows you to choose one of five photos and create a story with those photographs. You can then write your story on the blog itself. Flickr Poet is also something that you can use to turn a poem or sentence into random text or a sequence. The different variations of Flickr can allow you to pull in words from Flickr and animates them into a sequence. You can also use flickr photos to make picture books which you can publish or share. I encourage the use of technology tools such as flickr because I think it is a great way for people to use technology to learn, but to be creative as well. You can use your imagination on what pictures of photographs to use with this tool, but also on what stories or events you wish to create with this technology tool. Just like many other technology tools that can be useful to both students and teachers, this tool can bring an infinite amount of creativeness and there is no end to the possibility of things that you can do with it. Pictures and photographs are always fun, but with flickr it takes the fun to a new level while actually doing something creative and worthwhile with it.